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Team Fear Less - Who's with you?

Delayed does not mean denied. This week's blog is a day late and I want to apologize for the delay! I want to talk to you about something so essential in your life of being fear less. I want to talk about your team, crew or compadres. Who are you spending time with?

You may not be aware of it yet, but those you surround yourself with have a direct impact on your fears. Is there a well meaning person in your life who watches the news daily and shares every depressing detail with you, pointing out what you should "look out" for? How about a parent that says a degree is the only way to success, so you go to school unwillingly. These two people mean well, but you have to decide if they're adding or subtracting fear in your life.

If you want to be a writer it may be beneficial to add writers to your circle. If you want to travel the world you may want to be around others with the same ambitions. 2019 is a year of growth for you. As we round out the first month of the year, now is a great time to inventory your team.

I'm not suggesting you throw your whole crew away, but make an assessment of the time you spend with everyone. Some friends are perfect for dinner dates, others are cheerleaders for your aspirations. Not everyone is destined to be with you in the same capacity through all phases of your life. Decide who is to be with you now and in what capacity.

Develop and determine your A-Team which is the team that adds to your fear less life. Make adjustments to your D-Team, the ones who distract you from living your fear less life.

Here's a final thought. Don't let how long you've known a person nor their title influence where you place them on your team. A complete stranger can become your A-1 in an instant because they are meant to be your support for a time.

I hope this week is eye opening for you and you are always surrounded by those that unconditionally love and support you!



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