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Collective Manifestation | Team work makes the dream work

Hello! Thanks so much for joining me again. I missed you all last week. I've been healing from a cold and had to take a little break. I'm better and I'm back!

Last month we talked about manifestation and today I want to add to that talk. Today I want to introduce collective manifestation. You may be wondering what this is exactly. Well, think 'American Idol' or 'Dancing with the Stars.' Contestants display their talents and individuals around the country vote for their favorite until a champion arises. This is collective manifestation.

Before either show, contestants had a desire to achieve higher heights in their careers. By sharing this desire with the world an opportunity to have multiple people put energy towards their success was born. This increases the chance for success. The creators of these shows know the power of many minds coming together to create a desired outcome.

This is something we should all consider when striving towards a manifestation. When many minds come together with one focus the energy is more potent. Many people say keep your dreams to yourself. Sometimes this is good advice, but not always. If you are able to join with at least one person willing to lend positive energy just watch your manifestations expand!

If you don't know anyone personally there may be someone at your church, job, school or in your community that may be a good fit. There are many accountability groups online as well. Do all you can as an individual to manifest and also be open to a support group as well. This can fortify you intentional manifesting abilities as well. Let me know how collective manifestation works for you!

Divine love,


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