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Manifestation | The 4 A's - A3

Hello again! Welcome back to intentionally manifesting your dream life with me. I'm so happy you're here.

As you know for the month of February we are discussing manifestation using "The 4 A's." Week one A1 focused on appreciation.

Week two A2 focused on alignment. If you haven't done so I suggest you take a look at the last two week's posts so this week will make sense. I say this because week three's focus is about repeating A1 and A2; A3 is again.

Appreciation and alignment are two things that have to be done continuously. There are several things you will create in your life and appreciating what is will energetically align you with what is to come. This also helps with patience. Too often we set a goal and become anxious about it happening. When we are appreciating we can better enjoy the journey.

Last week I shared 4 steps to aligning with your goal. Take a look here. If you focus on these four areas you will manifest things in record timing!

I didn't want to present new information this week because I know it takes time to put A1 and A2 into practice. Next week is the last "A" and I hope you will share your progress with me!


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