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Manifestation | The 4 A's - A2

Hey family!

Welcome back to another week with me and Spirit! If you tuned in last week then you know I introduced the 4 A's to manifestation with A1 being appreciation. Appreciation is the key to intentional manifesting because it keeps your energy high enough to fully experience your present and that which is to come.If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at last week's blog post.

Okay, on to today's message. A2 of the four is centered on alignment. Your duty for today is to align with the highest vision for your goal. This alignment should be mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Too often people have a desire to manifest, but then lack agreement with the goal. They say things like this "I really want to travel, but I don't have money" or "I want to lose weight, but I've tried everything and nothing works!" They cancel the possibility of achieving with more confidence in their doubt. Don't do this. If you want to travel find a way to align with it.

Let me break this down. Here's the statement, " I want to travel to Thailand." Here's the mental alignment: watch videos of Thailand and in your mind see yourself enjoying things that country has to offer. Here's the emotional alignment: feed your emotions love, gratitude and excitement for Thailand and its people! Here's spiritual alignment: thank God or Spirit (whatever you prefer) for planting the desire in you and for guiding you on your journey. Lastly, here's physical alignment: research travel to Thailand and as many options as possible then get about the business of making it happen. Do this step by step.

I promise if you align in this way you will manifest so many wonderful things in your life! Now I want to add to today's message. Alignment is also about not pushing against what already is, remember we are appreciating all things. That which does not positively serve will either fall away or transform its impact in our lives. When you push against something you actually welcome more. When you appreciate with high intentions you align with a higher life.

Take my formula and align with your dream life today! You've got this! Write your goal and align mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I will share my February goal at the end of the month.

See you next week!


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