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Fear Less - Spirit | Live Your Dream Life

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Hello! Welcome back! I hope this past week has been positively productive for you. My week had its challenges, but I know that all things good and bad are meant for my highest good. I hope you know this is true for you too.

As you know, this month we are talking about being fear less and how we go about doing this. Today I want to talk about Spirit and its role in helping us to be fear less. For this blog I will refer to Spirit as light or the light.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said "darknews can't drive out darkness, only light can do that." This is so profound. Think about it, if you want to brighten a room you don't turn off the lights, you turn them on. The same logic needs to apply to how we move about in our lives during various struggles. If someone is acting nasty towards you do you automatically respond with love and compassion or do you give back the same energy? Either choice is fine; it just depends on what you want to experience. If you want to experience peace in that moment give it, but if you want to experience anger give that.

Our Spirits are born out of and anchored in a Spirit-Creator-Light of love. If you find yourself unsure in a situation look to the light then make a decision. Our past traumas and disappointments sometimes become long lasting darkness, but we have the light to show us a different way. Things always come up, I get that. That's why I always say fear less not fearless.

Interject light into your situations continuously and watch things begin to flourish within and around you. Your light-Spirit has a unique blueprint; follow it to build the life of your dreams. Yes, you can live your dream life! It won't just fall into your lap you have to welcome the light.

I want to give you an affirmation this week to help you welcome light into situations that have gone dark. Repeat "Divine Light withing me, I now call forth to shine over every area that concerns me. I choose love over hate, joy over sadness and peace over chaos. I am now free to go on with my day in unconditional love!" Take this affirmation with you as a reminder to acknowledge and welcome light into all areas of your life.

You were born blessed with a special spark and I want to always see you shine! Peace and so much love to you now.


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