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Define Your Fear Less Self

We are one week into the new year already! I hope you are still feeling the excitement of what 2019 will bring. I know I am.

If you read last week's blog then you know that 2019 is officially the year of being fear less. Making this proclamation means saying yes to a brand new version of you. Stripping away the garment you're accustom to can leave you feeling naked and vulnerable, but there is an up side to this. Being completely naked makes you a canvas for whatever you decide to take on.

Who can relate to this? You're holding on to a friendship that has gotten a little tight around your belly. It's uncomfortable, but you think about how much you paid/invested in this friendship so you wear it week after week. It's like a pair of pants that hasn't fit in years. Just like your too small pants, without this friendship you don't know how you will look and you really don't feel like shopping around. Who knows if you'll ever find pants or a friend like them again? Well you have a couple of choices here.

You can decide to throw out the pants or end your friendship. On the other hand you can keep the pants and add elastic to the waist, changing the look, but appreciating the new style. For the friendship you can have a raw conversation with your friend to establish a new normal. This new normal means respecting each other's ideas on the subject and coming to a mutual agreement. There is no wrong choice here. The main takeaway is you making a choice and saying "no" to stagnation.

The principals in the above example can apply to many areas of your life. I'll break them down to make it more clear. They are:

1) Acknowledge what feels uncomfortable.

2) Find a solution to the problem.

3) Make a choice to change things.

4) Accept that things won't be the same and that's ok.

5) Give thanks that things can and usually will get better in time.

There are so many people on the planet and so many pairs of pants. Life often causes us to grow out of both naturally. It is our job to release resistance to this process. This week I want to challenge you to write what your life would look like without one fear you've struggled to release. Examples of this may be fear of releasing relationships, going back to school, starting a business, or even taking accountability for your health. Once you've done this acknowledge that choosing to live life beyond this fear is possible. It is time to define your fear less self!

I have a fantastic tool to assist you in defining your fear less self! It's called "Be Fear Less: A Seven Day Process to Being Fear Less and Being Free More" It can be found exclusively on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you can get in in your hands in 2 days with free shipping! I love perks like that! Grab your copy today and let's keep the fear less momentum going!

Thank you for being here! Until next week!


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