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Be Full: Fill Your Cup First

Hey there! Welcome to a brand new Tuesday where the possibilities for your life are unlimited! Today I want to discuss a topic many people struggle with, including me from time to time.

I want to talk about putting on your oxygen mask before assisting anyone around you. For those of you not familiar with this concept, when you travel via airplane the flight attendants always say in case of emergency place your oxygen mask on before assisting others. This is essential because what help will you be if you have no air and pass out? None, the answer is no help. You would be in the position of needing help. If this sounds selfish to you know this, everyone on that plane has their own mask. There is no shortage of air; everyone has the same opportunity to grab a mask and breathe.

Here's the thing, some passengers may freak out and forget to grab theirs and there may be children who are unsure of what to do. If you make sure your oxygen is flowing you can and will be able to better assist those around you. The same goes for many areas of your life. Where do you find yourself cutting off your air supply to give to others? Maybe it's time to take your air back and allow others to find their own supply.

Your air may be time you're giving too much of, money, attention, your home and so much more. Take a moment and ponder where your breathing is restricted and how the situation can be improved. This can be an overwhelming process so take back one breath at a time. Too much of anything at one time can be detrimental including air, can you say tornado? Maybe putting on your oxygen mask is ignoring a call from someone who brings your energy down. Maybe it's eating one healthy meal a week and work your way up. You know what your mask is and I want to encourage you to take a step this week to fill your lungs first. Take a deep breath now. Be Fear Less and know that you are not selfish for taking care of you first because your intention is almost always to share with others. You must strike a balance so that you may live your best life!

Blessings to you,


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